Located in Chantilly, Virginia, we make plastic injection molds from all sorts of aluminum, brass, mold steel, or any other requested material.

We mainly concentrate in affordable molds for benchtop machines but we can also do molds for fully automated machines.

We cater to several injectors such as the Techkit machines, Galomb Machine, Medium Machinery, Honajector, Morgan press, Thermoject, Iasco, Megatron, Pitsco, and many other ones that are manual, semi-automated, or fully automated using MUD plates.

Our molds are able to go through a lot of cycles. If a duplicate mold is needed, we can replicate another one for less than the original price of the first one in the same material.

For our CAD services, we can duplicate any part to 98% accuracy or make modifications based on your sketch. We also sign an NDA to trust our services. Nothing is made overseas and everything is made here in the USA with USA tooling.

Our Team

Ernesto Garcia


Graduated from San Diego State University in Mechanical Engineering. Has extensive CAD background and holds several patents.